Joy Creators.  Spirit Lifters. Lifestyle Influencers.


Barry Cooper


Barry Cooper, affectionately known as BCooper, is an Educator, Community Organizer, Author, Poet and Host.  With a strong community influence and presence, Barry manages talent relations and community partnerships for LAB.

Dedicated to the mission of serving the community and ensuring a voice for people of color, Barry believes in the power building from within our own communities to ensure a strong and long lasting legacy for the future.


Shantini Alleyne


Shantini Alleyne is a NYC based Marketing Coordinator, Event Producer and Makeup Artist.  With a gift for curating beautiful events and experiences, Shantini manages the logistics, planning, and production for LAB.

As a true joy creator, Shantini merges her creative aptitude with her dynamic organizational skills to produce seamless and exceptional events. A firm beliver that "joy is a lifestyle,"  Shantini embodies the pillars of LAB and ensures they are represented in every endeavor.